Phitomas' DIY Implementation

(For SAP Business One)

Here we will provide you with a guide to quickly install, learn and utilize SAP Business One in your business. To speed things up, most of the typical configurations required to run SAP Business One has been pre-configured. You only need to configure very minimal settings to start running!

This DIY implementation methodology is divided into two main sections. It starts out by giving basic education to key users on what are the standard functionalities of SAP Business One from Financials, to Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, MRP and Production. You repeat through the education content as frequent as you like till you are confident to move on to the implementation phase.

In the second section, we will take you through five steps to configure, migrate your data and go-live!

5-steps view on how it works


(Day 1)

You will be given your SAP B1 Cloud login credential


(Day 2)

Configure your SAP B1 with our configuration wizard

Import Data

(Day 8)

Import your master data using our import tools 


(Day 11)

Train your users using our education platform

Go Live

(Day 14)

Key in our opening balances and go live our help desk is there for you 

SAP Business One Implementation Courses