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SAP Business One Course : MRP & Production (5/5)

SAP Business One offers a simple and powerful planning system that enables your business to gain accurate access, visibility and control over key production processes. Reduce errors, lower production and material costs and streamline inventory levels with Production, MRP scheduling and Sales forecasting tools.

In these topics you will learn about the production process and materials requirement planning (MRP). You will see how to manage bill of materials in your system and learn the steps in the production  process starting from the production order and ending with receiving the finished item into the inventory. You will also learn about the use of resources and how to plan their capacity. You will get to know the accounting and cost management side of production. In the MRP topics, you see how to use MRP for both manufactured and purchased items.

  • Describe in high level the main production Process
  • Explain the Bill of Materials concept
  • Explain the Resource concept
  • Explain what are the three resource types
  • Create a Resource Master Data
  • Use resources in bill of materials and in the production process
  • Define the Resource Unit of Measure of and explain the run time calculation
  • Learn how to plan resource capacity and how to manage resource consumption in different methods
  • Describe the Bill of Materials structure
  • Describe when to use the different types of Bill of Materials
  • Add a Production Order
  • Run production for a bill of material with and without routing
  • Add a Production Order
  • Run production for a bill of material with and without routing
  • Explain the MRP solution concept
  • List the MRP components
  • Explain the definitions relevant to the MRP process
  • Run the MRP wizard for different scenarios and explain the MRP recommendations
  • Use the Order Recommendation window to automatically generate documents to receive or produce recommended supply

2.5 Hours

  1. Essential
    • Basic understanding on inventory or materials requirement planning
    • Understand the production process of your company
  2. Recommended
    • Familiarity with SAP Business One navigation and functionality
    • Basic knowledge on ERP and Familiar with installing and configuring software on a Windows platform

SAP Business One version 10.0