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SAP Business One Course : Introduction & Purchase (1/5)

A complete business management software that empowers you with full control of your operations, from managing the procurement process to tracking the bill-of-material against manufacturing or service delivery processes. With this full visibility, you are able to track, manage and drive greater efficiencies in cost of sale and operating expense meaning a better bottom line for your business.

In these topics you will learn the process steps for procurement for purchasing items and services. You will also learn how to effectively solve common business issues that arise during the procurement process.

  • List the basic process steps for procurement
  • Use a streamlined procurement process
  • Perform the basic process steps for purchasing items
  • Explain the consequences of each step on inventory and accounting
  • Create purchase requests and purchase quotations
  • Describe the options for puchasing services and create purchase orders and invoices for service
  • Describe the options available for receiving incorrect deliveries from a vendor
  • Describe how and when to create a goods return or credit memo for purchases
  • Use a Goods Return Request to streamline the process of returning items or receiving credit from a vendor

2.5 Hours

  1. Essential:
    • Basic knowledge in financial accounting
    • Understand the procurement process of your company
  1. Recommended:
    • Familiarity with SAP Business One navigation and functionality
    • Basic knowledge on ERP and Familiar with installing and configuring software on a Windows platform

SAP Business One version 10.0